Merry Christmas!

To all my family and friends I hope Santa brought you everything you wished for... and for those of you who missed Santa this year I hope you had your family close to giggle and play with!  Christmas really snuck up on me this year... and it seems the older I get the faster a year goes.  Before I know it Jayden will be off on his own.... My sister and her kids stayed last night and I think I was more excited than the kids... its always fun having the little ones Christmas morning.  
Happy Holidays from My Family to Yours!


Digital Pages!

So a few years ago I decided that the best Christmas present to give to family was pictures.  So I bought some 81/2 by 11 Scrap books and started a Christmas tradition.  I mean really... don't you think that Grams and Gramps would love to have pics of thier grandchildren more that anything... especially if you live far away? Here are some pages for this years addition to the books....

I hope you like them! TYFL  Enjoy!


I Scrap Alone!

So my friends always ask "why don't you invite me over to scrap with you?"
Everyone always says a picture is worth a thousand words..... so I'll save myself some time!

Look hard! There is a desk and a table.... *humpft* scrappin's fun.... cleaning up..... not so much!

The overflow area... usually there are more and more stacks of drawers! Ha ha

It's not so much I want to scrap alone, I just don't have room to share... *giggles*
So go ahead and make fun of my messy space... But at least its used and its all MINE! To all my fellow crafters.... creativity is messy... messy is my happy place....   Enjoy!


Cards, Cards and more Cards!

Here are some cards I made up.... going through and photographing them I think I was on some kind of "Boy" day? Ah, well they turned out nice anyway! Enjoy!
<---this one is my fav!

< --- this one turned out cute too!

inside of card


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