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Mom inspiration for the Cuttlebug Blog

Here is my project for this weeks inspiration over at the Cuttlebug Blog! I made my very first pocket card...

I made this card for my BFF! She will get a giggle out of it!
Find the tutorial on how to make a pocket card over at the Cuttlebug blog!

Cuttlebug Embossing folder:  Spots and Dots
Paper: Bazzill Canvas (white), printed paper (stripes)
Prima Flowers, ribbon by the yard (from Crazyscraps) not sure what its called? Bling from stash, computer generated words and cupcake (hug bug), Candy buttons from stash!


Happy National Scrapbooking Day Everyone!!! Look what showed up in my CRAFTY mail yesterday! OMG!!!!! YAY!!!! I get to scrap today afterall!I think the Crafty FAIRY loves me!  WAHOOOOOO!!! Na-na-na-na 

And look how CLEAN my scrappin space is at 8 am!

I bet it doesn't look like that tonight!  Wakka Wakka 

 Dizzy Scrap Crazy Everyone!  Spinning 


Flower Power Inspiration

This is the last of the Flower Power projects over at the Cuttlebug blog! For those of you who DON'T read my Cricut blog..... I am over come with sadness that my machine was pronounced dead thursday afternoon by Dr. PC!  So... I am going to have to get VERY creative in the next few weeks to come up with projects! That or go rent my BF's machine... LOL!
Well here is my project for this week:
Cuttlebug Embossing Folder: Birds and Swirls
Paper: Bazzill Basic (yellow, purple, hot pink)
Flowers: Prima
Stamps: My Sentiments Exactly (floral fun)
Ink: Color box (purple, black)
Stickers: Doodlebug (strawberry parfait)
This is my first attempt at using my sewing machine on my project! I think it turned out "eh".... but the card needed something.... Oh how I miss my machine...  Pouty 
Have a great monday everyone! Scrap Crazy!



There is a STORE WIDE SALE going on right now at CrazyScraps! Save 20% at check out with code SPRING20!


Glitter Text Generator at TextSpace.net
Is May 1st this year every1! Get ready! Make plans! Scrap Crazy!!
R U looking for "where to get started" tips? Check out the Crazy Scraps Blog http://crazyscraps-scrapbook.blogspot.com/



Here is my project for this weeks FLOWER POWER theme over at the Cuttlebug Blog.
Set of 4 note cards

Yes as you can probably tell I was in a Black and White mood... ;)
I would like to make a small note card box to go with these and give them as a gift... however I must figure out how to make it! *giggle*
Recipe: (starting top left to right)

Stamps: My Sentiments Exactly(purple flower), Peachy Keen stamp (face purple flower), Studio 18 (thanks)
Printed image (blue balloons), Stampendous (lets celebrate), Stampology (3 flowers), Misc (no name on stamp - thinking of you), Scrappy Cat (green leaf vine), My Sentiments Exactly (sm red flower), (no name on the get well?)
Paper: KScrapbook Lady (stars- downloaded paper), Basic CS (white, black), velleum ( stamped images)
Cuttlebug embossing folders: Spots and Dots, D'vine swirls (my 2 favorites *wink*)
Ink: Studio g (purple and blue), Ink it up (all black), Color Box (red flowers), atyou spica (glitter pens)
Misc ribbons and buttons from stash...
These cards were very simple... Stamp color emboss glue!  I stamped the images on vellum and then put the patterned paper behind the images. I used my atyou spica pens on the 3 small flowers and the green leaf vines... you cannot see the glitter in the pics tho.... :(

Glad you stopped by... Come back soon... Leave a comment.... Scrap Crazy!


One of those dayzzzz

Have  you ever had one of THOSE days? You know the ones where nothing goes right.... I started a new job today.... well... not exactly new. I still work for the school district, however, instead of the nice and slow pace of an elementary I am at a High School now. Can I just tell you.... WOW! It is sooooo much different. They have main line, pizza line, fast food line, salad line... then they have the Ala Carte down the hall... and another little nifty place with more fried food... It is so much to remember... I think once I get used to it i'll be fine... but all the "your the new girl" crap gets to me... You know... when you start a new job.... and you have to have help cuz you don't have a clue... so your slower... less efficient... your the one that everybody is telling what to do... they want to drop their work onto you .... but.... I know this game! Then after all that "new" stuff today... I have to come home to a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old.... OMG! I decided quite a few years ago that ONE child was enough for me.... He is now 15...*ugh* but I am now nanny to my nephew and niece.... I have to say those days.... when they are into EVERYTHING..... drives me absolutely batty! I don't have the patience to deal with it...  WHY?  why do they have to destroy everything?
So between all of that and my lack of sleep *worried about the new job* I am exhaused! But do you think I can go to bed???? Nope! Here I sit... on my blog.... where home is home....
Thank you all for listening... what would I do with out my friends? Hopefully tommorrow will be a better day!
Scrap Crazy Everyone!
P.S.  My DH has gone fishing for a few days.... thank you lord... therefore giving that side of my brain a rest! LOL... all you married gals know what I mean....

P.S.S. Thought I would share a pic with you all today!
THIS!!!! THIS is why I do it!  I can't wait to scrap this pic! Title:  I CaN FiNgErPaInT!!!!!


Baby Peyton has Arrived!!!!

Well those of you who read my blogs have probably picked up on the fact that my BFF was having a baby.... He has arrived... and he is sooooooo cute! This boy came out just a screammin'.... lungs of steel I'll tell ya.... I am so excited and happy for this family... they waited a very long time to get this little angel! So.... without further adoo....
My BFF did great in her delivery... everything went perfect.... she is such a wonderful lady!
Congratulations!!!!! Adrianne, Sam and Dakota...



I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! Today is my first day of SPRING BREAK! Let me tell you... I have done NOTHING. So I figured I better get on and bring you all up to date!  First let me tell you... Jason Aldean.... mmmmm.mmmm..
Awesome in concert! However, there was no beer garden at the Holt Arena.... so that was kind of a bummer.  But the concert was a blast... so who can complain?
Luke Bryan was the opening act... mmmm..mmmmm ... that little boy can shake it! lol
I have NEVER gone to a concert where they let you take cameras! I so wish I would have known. So I paid this girl that was sitting in front of me $10.00 to email me some pics.... yea... still waiting on those... but she looked like an honest girl! Well if I ever get those pics I'll post sum!


Crazy Scrapper Excited about SPRING

Yup! I changed my blog again! I am so excited for SPRING! I love when everything starts to grow again... beautiful flowers, grass, trees. We are hoping to plant a garden this year... mmmm... fresh veggies.
As the days get warmer I can go CAMPING! Trips to new destinatioins, which means new scenery, adventure, and fun with the family. Our family also loves to cook in the dutch oven over an open fire... I don't know why but the food just tastes so good.
Spring also means its almost vacation time for me... I work for the school district so the end of May starts my summer vacation! Woot Woot! I can't wait... I need to get away.
Spring and Summer also mean... TONZ of new pics! Pics to scrap! You all probably know by now I am a Crazy Scrapper! Love it. I love it so much I started a challenge blog... Cuttlebug Blog... where I spend alot of my time. :) If you are having an "inside day" and you are a Crazy Scrapper, come on by and join a challenge. You never know, maybe you will win the fabulous prize from our sponsor. I also have Cricut Blog for all things cricut. I have become a Blogging maniac! I have learned so much in the last year about blogging! Its so fun.
Well I had better run... the sun is shining today... wanna get some yard work done! So thank you for comming by... leave some love when you go.... and come back soon!
P.s. I just want to share... I am going to Jason Aldean this sunday! I am way excited about that too! I haven't been to a concert in like 10 years... I'll let you know how great it was!


Happy St. Patty's Day!

Good hump day morning to you all! Its St. Patricks Day so I thought I would post and tell everyone not to forget your GREEN! Well, unless you want to be pinched... ;)


Paper Addiction

Ok, I will admit it... I am totally addicted to paper! I have miles and miles of paper and yet I went to M's the other day and couldn't walk out without .... yes.... more paper. You know you always have to buy 2 sheets too because you use one and then think its sooooo beautiful I should save it for a special occasion. So yes, I have a whole drawer full (packed) with "special occasion" paper. I tell myself "self- don't cave... you don't need this paper... you have plenty at home" and in the end the paper seems to jump into my basket and come home with me.  So as I sit here telling the whole world... YES.... I am an ADDICT. Thats the first step to recovery... right?  Hummm... secretly....maybe I don't want to recover.


Birthday cards

I have a friend at work who asked me to make 2 birthday cards for her. Here is what I came up with.
This one is for the Grandaughter turning 17. Her favorite colors are pink and brown (yay I love pink and brown). And she is into what most 17 year old girls are into... Phone...Driving...Shopping. I thought this card very befitting a 17 year old girl.

Paper: Bazzill Swiss dots (brown background), Bazzill Bling (pink layer)
Images: PC Hug Bug
Flowers : Prima
Ribbon: offray
Ink: chalk box (dk brown)
Bling from stash
Brads: from stash ( I think they are doodlebug)

The second card is for the Grandaughter who is turning 14 year old and is totally into being a rodeo queen. Her favorite color is blue.

You can't tell from the pic but I used my atyou spica pens (from crazyscraps) to add a little glitter to the pics. I think it is just the right amount of shimmer for a queen!

Paper: Lt blue cs (background), dk brown cs (brown layer)
Cuttlebug Embossing folder : D'vine Swirls (background)
Images: PC Hug bug
Flowers: Prima
Ribbon: Offray (brn w/ bl), Micheals brand (rope-brn, pk, blu)
Ink: Color box (dk brn)
Bling from my stash


Win a Cricut Expressions!

Who wants to Win a Cricut Expressions?  What a great Giveaway! Thanx Cuttlebug Blog!
OMG! I wish I could play along for this one... I wish everyone who does play.... Good Luck!


Cuttlebug DT

Well we finally have a DT over at the Cuttlebug blog! They are a great bunch of ladies and should be a fantastic time creating with them all.... If any of you have a cuttlebug and you like free stuff pop on over and join a challenge or 2!
Have a great day!


Rantings of a Lost Scrapper....

Hey everyone! So it seems as though life is just flying by.... I haven't posted here since January? Are you kidding?  You know I always have the best of intensions but sometimes life just takes over! ***giggle***
So although I don't have any pictures to post today I do have a few Scrappy things to tell you all!  I found out today that there is a cricut ideas book out now.... wow! I have been looking forever for a cricut ideas book.... I really can't believe that PC hasn't put one out yet... but yup a book! Over at the Cuttlebugblog they are having a contest and only 2 people have entered to win embossing folders.... what and easy way to win scrapbooking stuff huh? I gotta put that on my "to do" list. I also gotta get out of this "funk" I been in lately...
My DH bought be flowers for valentines day... I was so shocked I fell off the couch. He never buys flowers... "they just die... what a waste of money...." but I don't care. I love fresh flowers! So kudos to him!

On saturday I was trying to design a birthday card for my son in DS... and my computer was being pesty... this one program.... I got so frusterated that I went into add/remove programs found the first program I could see with that name and deleted it! Yay! gone... no more pests... WHOA.... why won't my internet work? Internet company closed... long weekend... bummer.... going through withdrawls cause I can't chat with my friends... (you know they all live in here ;) so call the internet company on tuesday... they say..."your driver is missing... gotta get a new one put on... cost...$50.00" bummer.... what a waste of money... all because of my impatience... chalk it up to one of lifes huge lessons... but one good part the tech made it possible for both computer screens to work! YAY! Thanx guy...
Well I guess thats my Rants for a while... hopefully I will get some mojo and have some pics to post soon! Until then Enjoy everyone!


My own little blog hop!

Hey everyone! Welcome to the last page of my own little blog hop! If you missed page 1 and 2 go to Cricut Blog to start!
Page 3
Cricut Cart : Opposites Attract (the), Alphalicious (king and jungle), Mini Monograms (of), Walk in my Garden (leaves), Home Decor (crown)
Paper: black cs (base and shadows), Rusty Pickle (Fancy mat, polka dot, stars and stripes), Bazzill Bling (crown and jungle), green cs (leaves)
PC Hug Bug: computer generated image (lion)
Ink: Martha Stewart (brown), studio g (green and brown)
Bling and beads from stash, sliver gel pen for accents
Well thats it for now. Thank you all for hopping along with me I hope you enjoyed your stay.
P.s. I may have another page to add to this lo later... humm.....


Practical Scrappers Challenge

I participated in my first blog hop over at Practical Scrappers! It was great fun. If you ever decide to do a blog hop make sure you have alot of time on your hands. You tend to get "lost" looking at everyones creations on each blog! Also for their challenge this week it is all about LOVE! Here is my take for the week!
(Click on pic for closer look at additions!)


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