Hey!!! I have something to share today... I am very proud of this. I created it all by myself. I hope you likes too!

So.... the story goes... I have become single again after 10 years (boo) and I was tired of the whole... fishing, hunting, nature crap on my walls... I wanted something new and different... something that would bring all the colors in my living room together instead of it all clashing...
I came up with this Idea... all I did is buy canvas at the craft store (bogo btw) and came home... went through all my paper (wow is there alot) and picked paper that had the colors that I wanted. Then I proceeded to RIP them up into pieces. I aranged them (yea i know... doesn't look aranged... thats the whole point tho... right?), glued them down (make sure to glue well) and Modge podged them...

VOILA! Home decor at a fraction of the cost from a retailer.... Woot Woot... off to make something for my bedroom now... stay tuned!


Hard Habits...

So this blogging everyday thing is harder than I thought it would be. I used to blog 3 times a day (well when you have like 6 blogs it keeps  a person busy) and loved every minute of it. Now I can't find the words. Hum... alright...

I am so addicted to this facebook game called CASTLEVILLE . omg... I can't stop playing it. I held out for many many years and never played those games because I knew... as soon as I started... well... ADDICTION. (very sad :(  I know)

I miss Ryan today. For those of you actually reading this Ryan is my SOULMATE! However, after 10 years we decided that we couldn't live with each other. NOT out of lost love, but for other reasons entirely. SO.. Sumtimes there will be random thoughts about him I am sure.

On a happier note. I am crafting some super cute home decor items. Can't wait to post sum pics. I hope they turn out like the vision in my head.

Well ta-ta for now... I am off to do my morning excercises... yes... new year resolutions.... that I am keeping this year!

C-ya Lates!



Wow! 2012 Who would have thought back in 1999 when the world was going to end that we would be welcoming 2012. Happy New Year everyone! My New Years Resolution (well ONE of about 10) is to use this blog as my online journal. I am going to try and write everyday. Even if it is only one sentence, everyday! :)

Whuts ur New Years Resolution? I know alot of people say "I am going to lose weight." Which is totally awesome, however, they change 5 things at one time and get burnt out too fast. I say... Change ONE thing in your diet and that's it for 2 months. Then change something else... like start exercising 30 minutes daily. One small change at a time produces long lasting change! Yippee!

Well I am off to watch Robin Hood (mmmm... love me sum Russell Crowe) have a great day ya'll.  You never know. I may be back sooner than you think. Cuz thats my prerogative as a Princess. I do what I want!


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